The tourist


Welcome Croeso


to our newly themed Room 10, a space in which to relax and contemplate local artistic produce.  Pembrokeshire has a reputation for being  a centre for the arts, as David Lewis explains in his recent publication Pembrokeshire Art, "I believe there are literally hundreds of talented artists living in Pembrokeshire".  St. Davids is the jewel in this crown, boasts some of Europe's finest sandcastle building beaches, offers some delightful second home opportunities and many a chance encounter with quality souvenirs at popular shops within the UK's only truly coastal National Park.  


We hope you enjoy your stay.




An installation in a hotel bedroom, Warpool Court Hotel, St. Davids, April 2009.  


Ben stayed at the hotel during the week of the exhibition and was at hand to welcome visitors with tea and biscuits, chats about about tourism and art usually accompanied this.


ACW-logos-jpg Warpool Court Hotel wider view of cabinet Bed cabinet part Second homes exhibition 2 welsh ladies 1 St. Davids souvenir "A magnet for Artists" "The Draw of the light"