Empire Kiosk

2012 - 2013

Empire Kiosk was built following Ben Lloyd's teaching trip to Sierra Leone in 2011, where he used the mobile phone credit and charging kiosks – in order to stay in touch with family back home.  He was struck by their creative use of collage and materials, their globalism, their function as community hubs, their references to colonialism and he began photographing and documenting them.  Empire kiosk is an appropriation of these kiosks, especially of the towns Kabala and Freetown.


The pictures above are of Empire Kiosk installed at the British Museum (London), for the Sierra Leone Independence Day Celebrations, April 2013.  Below  the images show the kiosk exhibited in Oriel Q (Narberth), Arcadecardiff and Chapter (both Cardiff).

Ben Lloyd, Empire Kiosk exhibited at Chapter Ben Lloyd, Empire Kiosk, detail 5 Ben Lloyd, Empire Kiosk detail1 Ben Lloyd, Empire Kiosk detail 3 Ben Lloyd, Empire Kiosk at Brirtish MUseum 10 Ben Lloyd, Empire Kiosk at British Museum  7 Ben Lloyd, Empire Kiosk at British museum 8 Ben Lloyd, Empire Kiosk at British Museum 5 ACW-logos-jpg